Pliot 1999 Origin

Pliot 1999 Zim's past is not shown.

2001 invader zim show origin

Born on planet irk maybe with Red,Purple and other smeets in the year unknown.

Invader Blue universe origin

Zim,Red,Puprle and other smeets Born on planet irk in a unkown year after Invader Blue turned 1 years old.

Other Orgins

  • Miyuki and Spork are Zim's caring Parents lost Zim on earth as a smeet thus Red and Purple took their place as the tallest for Zim to meet Red and Purple 16 years later.
  • Miyuki and Spork knew their Son Zim was born a Menace so they Abandoned him on earth.
  • Professor membrain knew about the irkens and stole Zim from planet irk.
  • In Nicktoon world Continuity Zim was born on planet irk but grew up at the Nicktoons nursery home.
  • in Spongebob speedypants Continuity when Zim was a Smeet/Baby he ran away from planet irk in a baby pod ship he ran away because he didn't want to hurt others,Sponge bob speedy pants was 6 yaers old at the time when he met Zim.

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