Smeets are Irken babies, who are presumably created in a large "birthing facility" (known to be called the "Hatcheries") beneath the surface of the Irken's homeworld,Irk They are created by the Control Brains. They mix selected Irken DNA and fuse them together to make an Irken "embryo". That embryo is placed in a sort of developing tube (similar to a human womb). The specified time in which the smeet is developed in the tube is unknown. Mere seconds after they're broken out of their developing tube, the PAK is placed on their back and they're activated with an eletric shock, thus they are born. Smeets can speak as soon as they're born, as seen in Parnet teacher night. When they are two minutes old, they are given a name, and the whole of Irken knowledge is transferred into their PAKs (seemingly save for military knowledge, as they spend much of their early lives learning battle tactics and the like). They don't come out with many teeth, maybe 1 or 2, but then they hit their growth and begin to develop their full grown teeth.


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